Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hello To The Netherlands...

Woke up this morning to find these in my in box. We have a very large set here ... of pics AND balls! These come from a follower in the Netherlands. Look at those nuts hang! I am drooling! And I am lovin' the fur on his legs and ass. So hot! What do you all think? Let him know in the comments section. Thanks for sending these in!

If you have any of your own nut sack, send them to


rbarth17 said...

Hot damn!!! Would love to play with those!!!

manxxx1 said...

mumm real hot sack !
would teabagg it

glen_mc said...

HOT hairy lrgs and arse YUM!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, guys (and Jason!).

It's really flattering to read your comments on my pics! :-)

Pity that you're all so far away, because at times I do let people play with it ;-)

The Netherlands

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm. I was in Amsterdam once. Too bad I didn't know about you then. I could have ROCKED your world. Guess I'll have to just get my rocks off looking at your pics. Thanks for sharing Jason.

janvos said...

Great done by an also Dutchie as I am.
Those hairy bodies/pubes/sacks I love to see.
Jan Vos from the Netherlands.