Friday, July 31, 2009

Still Awake & No Idea Why ...

It is about 5:26AM here in CA and I have yet to go to bed. I have been up since 7AM yesterday morning. Part of me wants to lie down, part of me doesn't. It kinda sucks because I was really tired last night and thought I would have been in bed early. Does not seem to be the case. So I figured I would give you all something to get you going this morning since I am sure many of you are just getting up to start your day. I hope these help! TGIF right?!?!?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Keepin' Busy ...

Hope you are all having a great morning! Trying to keep myself a little busy today. About to jump in the shower, run some errands and then the roommate and I are taking the pup to the local dog park for some much needed fun. It's a little gray and chilly here but I have a feeling that will change in the next couple of hours.

Enjoy this morning's post!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Feeling Of Accomplishment ...

Kept myself fairly busy today. Had to travel into SF for a job interview, the first one I have had since I became unemployed. Kinda sad if you think about it, I mean, of all the places I have applied for in the last 3 months this is the only one to call and show interest. On top of that, it was with a staffing agency. I am a bit leery when it comes to staffing agencies, I had bad luck with them in Chicago. Who knows, maybe they are better out here. At least it's something. The company that is looking for people will not be interviewing until mid-August, so I have to wait a bit. Anyway, I had to do that this morning and then also had to go pick up my meds for the month. Also took care of a couple of other things as well. It has been quite awhile since I felt like I actually got stuff done. And it feels pretty good ...

Hope you are all doing well and, as always, hope you enjoy this afternoon's post!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Something To Smile About Part Two ... The Pics

Since my last post was a bit long I am posting the pics on their own. I did not want my blabbering to take away from some much needed sack worship! Enjoy!