Monday, November 30, 2009

Earn Your Stripes ...

The next set of pics come from another follower in the Chicagoland area, seems all the good ones are in Chicago. I so need to move back! These are some of the hottest pics that a follower has sent me. His cock is the perfect size and his balls hang beautifully! This is a set to be proud of! Thanks Stripes! You have a big fan in me!

Some More Viewer Pics ...

I have yet to leave my apt. today, will be within the next hour or so. Think I want to cut my hair and shower again. Not that you all need to know that. Plus I just took my dog on an hour and 10 minute walk. Yay me!

Lately you guys have been great at sending me your pics and I apologize for not getting them up as soon as I had hoped. I keep forgetting about them. So the next few posts are going to be dedicated to pics you have sent in of yourselves. This post contains pics from 3 different people. Pretty hot!

And keep 'em cumming guys! If you have some to send, please try and include as many as possible. I try to dedicate one full post to one person but if you only send in one or two pics they will be grouped together with other viewer pics. Ideally I would like you to send about 8 to 10 pics of your cock AND balls. Please remember that my blog is all about the male sack and its deliciousness! No sack may mean no post ... but I will decide that at that time. Email them to

Need To Get Out ...

My mood the last couple of day has been horrible. I did not even talk to my roommate or spend time with the dog yesterday, that is how bad it has been. I just want to keep to myself, lock myself in my room. But I know that is not healthy. So I think I am going to take a shower and leave for the day, just need to clear my head. Pretty sure it is not going to help though because I will see all these Christmas shoppers and decorations. But here's hoping.

On a sidenote, I have reactivated the option to post comments as 'Anonymous'. If these become hate filled again, I will remove the option ... again.