Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Move Is Complete!

I am happy to announce that the new domain for TheMaleSack is now open for business!

I am still in the process of tweaking things to make it look exactly how I want it to but, for the most part, it is done. No more posts will be made to this URL so please be sure to update your bookmarks to reflect the new URL.

If you have my blog in your blogroll, please update that as well. I will be moving the blogroll on Blogger to the new site so, if you are listed there, you will still show up.

This site will remain active so that you all can still view previous posts. I really have no plans on closing it so it will remain open until Blogger shuts it down, you know, from all those whiners that have nothing better to do than police my blog and my posts, reporting me ...

I really hope you guys are as excited about the new home as I am. Enjoy!

Testicular Thursday ...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Foul Balls ...

Today is the first day, since moving back to Chicago, that I am in a really crappy mood. It's the kind of mood where the littlest thing irritates you and you feel like you just want to punch someone. Not quite sure why I am feeling this way. I just want this day to end already. I want to crawl back into my bed, under the covers and just fall asleep. But I think I need to get out some of this anger so I will more than likely play some DC Universe Online or some other PS3 game where I get to beat people up.

Anyway, I hope that you are all having a better weekend than I am. Hopefully I will wake up tomorrow and feel 100% better and a bit more hopeful.

Friday, March 25, 2011

SF Cockpit Party In Chicago This Weekend ... Ever Been? I Need Info ...

Not sure if anyone has heard of this but I am hoping someone has and can give me some background. The website for these parties is over at SFCockpit (just click that name). Well, they are usually in SF but there is one this weekend in Chicago. Someone said that the last one was around IML. Anyone here ever go to one of these parties? Maybe in Chicago or even SF? I am thinking about going but want to know what it is like. So here are my questions ...

1) Does a lot of sex happen there?

2) If so, what kind goes on? Just oral? Fucking? Barebacking?

3) What kind of guys attend? I was told that the person that puts this together asks for full body pics of those interested.

4)Is everyone that attends fit and muscle or all types attend?

5) Do you have to check all of your clothes in or can you keep them on?

Like I said, really want to go but need more information first. So anything would be helpful. Not that you really care, or you might, I have been craving getting fucked for over a week now. I want to have someone top me and feed my ass their cock and cum! The last two times I have gone out, I have prepared for that to happen, sadly it does not. Anyway, just thought I would share.

If you can answer these questions, please either post them in the comments section or email me at

Thanks guys!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just Another Update ...

Well, I had my face to face with the company I was excited about and ... I think I blew it!

I think that I was so excited about this opportunity that it got the best of me. There were some odd questions asked of me like "How do you feel about sustainability", when the company does not really have anything to do with that at all. Some of the questions were worded so weirdly that it through me off big time. I stumbled for words and, at one point, I said that I was having a hard time answering the question. I NEVER say that at an interview. I usually do well at interviews but something about this one just messed my head up big time. Who knows, maybe my honesty will gain me points. Probably just wishful thinking. I don't know why things went the way they did. I can only hope that my experience speaks for itself when they look at my resume'. If I do not get offered this position, I won't be devastated, but I will be a little upset. All I can do is look at what I did wrong and make sure it does not happen at the next interview.

I am still waiting to hear from the first place I interviewed, the one via a staffing agency. The one that did the credit check. The agency said they did a credit check on me and it "was not that bad". No idea what that means. I mean, it is "that bad" when I apply for a credit card or a place to live. But they said they forwarded that info to the company because the woman that I interviewed with liked me and said I was a "strong contender". So we will see. Not sure I told you all that stuff before, forgive me if I did.

Anyway, that's where things stand right now. So I am just going to continue to look for work and hope that something comes up soon because my funds are depleting faster than I would like them to. As always, I will keep you updated.

I am also trying to get the new domain/home for the blog up and running. My desire to do so has been low because all I can think about is finding a job. But please be sure that you have the new URL bookmarked. In case you don't have it, it is

Later guys!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Still Up ...

In more ways that one! Went out whorin' last night and it was a complete waste of time. Went to The Bijou and not much going on there. I either need to only go on weekends or go somewhere else. Each time I have gone there has only been anywhere from 2 to 5 people and many don't seem interested in doing anything with anyone. So I left there and drove over to Banana Video and that was pointless as well. I have been beating off since about 9pm and I need to blow a load! Tried Manroulette but it did not do any good. Since I had the cam going, figured I would take some pics of my cock and balls and share them with you.

The birds are chirping so I need to get my ass to bed! Have a great Tuesday guys!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Another Interview Update ...

The phone interview I just had this afternoon has now turned into a face to face interview for this Thursday. She said "We would really like for you to come in and meet with ..." I am so frickin' psyched!

Update On The Interviews ...

Since there are some of you out there that are interested in what is going on in my personal life, I wanted to let you know how the interviews went today.

The first one I had this morning was on Canal in Chicago. The interview went really well ... until she asked if the staffing agency I am going through did a credit check. Why a credit check you ask? Because the company that I would be working for deals with automobile warranties and deals with a bank. They want people with good credit working for them. So when she asked that I felt a little defeated. But she said she would talk to the agency and see what they say. I left there feeling not so positive about it. However, I just got an email from the agency a little while ago and they said they ran my credit check and it is "not that bad" and that the company considers me a strong candidate for the position. So things may move forward with it. Only bad thing ... they are business casual. And by that they mean khakis and button down shirts. I have not worked in that kind of environment for a very long time. So if I get it, I will have to buy new clothes because I have none for that environment. Not sure where I will get the money for them but we will see what happens.

The second interview today was with a different company and was a phone interview. This company has offices all over the place and I even applied for a position with them when I lived in CA. Things never moved further there but I applied to the company here in Chicago and they wanted to speak with me. I am actually hoping that this one happens. I would love to work for them and am VERY familiar with what they offer. I use them quite a bit. The phone interview seemed to go well and she was really nice. So now I just wait to see where things go with that.

So yea, productive day and am proud that I knocked out two interviews in one day. Now comes the part I hate most ... waiting!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bring On Monday ...

Hope you all had a great weekend. It was all about the rain and thunder and lightning here pretty much. But I loved it. I have a big day tomorrow ... have two interviews lined up. One is with a company that a staffing agency is wanting to fix me up with. Not so excited about that interview. It is face to face so I will be heading Downtown. I also have a phone interview with a company that I have been dying to work with for a few years now. They have an office in SF and I applied there but was never called. They are hiring for their office here in Chicago and I applied and got a call the other day. I am REALLY excited about that one and hoping for the best. I know the company quite well so I think it would be perfect. And yes, two interviews does make a big day for me. I only say that because some smart ass made a comment awhile back more or less saying that, what I had going on at the time, was not all that big. Anywho ... hope you all have a great week. I will keep you updated with how things go. Take Care guys!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Need Head ... er

Ok, yea ... the title is lame. But it got your attention right?

Anyway, with the start of the new site,, I need a new header. Is anyone out there a digital artist and willing to create something for me? I am looking for something that is about 940x198 in size. I would like something that says The Male Sack but also incorporates something artistic, maybe involving a males sack or something. The colors of the blog are going to be along the same lines as this one, so the brownish theme. So ... can anyone out there create something for me?

I like the headers that DudeTube has had people create for them. Something along those lines would be cool. But I am open minded so feel free to be creative as well . I really hope someone out there might be able and willing to do this. I would be so grateful! If you can do this, please email me at Leaving comments on this post are ok but please be sure to leave your email address so I can get back to you. Thanks!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day ...

Hey guys! Whatever your plans are, remember to be safe. Don't drink and drive! What am I doing tonight? I am going to meet a friend for dinner and then we are going to see 'Hair' at the Chicago Theatre. Should be a lot of fun. Never been there before. Wonder how many drunk hot guys I will come across tonight. :)