Monday, June 28, 2010

Prime Example of An Asshole ...

Here is an 'Anonymous' comment from someone that clearly does not follow my blog. I published it so you could all see what I have to deal with when I allow these types of comments. I know who this person is and have their contact information, even though they chose to be 'Anonymous'. Let me clarify that I am NOT considering closing the blog simply based on people not helping me with the phone. That would be ridiculous! Actually, the iPhone has nothing to do with my considering the blogs closure. I only talked about that because it was something on my mind.

And for this asshole, I do work full time. Again, if you took the time to read what I post instead of trolling the blog for trouble and collecting pics, you would know that.

"You need to close this blog, and GET A JOB. How dare you shakedown your audience. You claim you didn't do the blog for money but every time I read anything it is you bellyaching. GET TO WORK friend. No one else should take care of you but you. You needed an iphone like a hole in the head and to diss anyone because they didn't help buy you a phone is bullshit. Stop complaining, stop bitching, stop whining. Shut the blog and live life. You being in SF seems to entitle you with the mentality of having others help you. Life doesn't work that way pal.

Stop blogging, or stop threatening to stop because everyone has common sense enough not to help you buy needless crap. I have had it with you and your constant bitching. No wonder your "friends" are fleeing and having you question them. Everything I read about you points to you being LAZY. Shut the hell up (and I will call you a loser too), get a job and become a fucking respectable member of society. Right now you a drag and your bitching is really a bore. Shut the overpriced iphone off and rejoin society you dumb mother fucking ass. What nerve you have. Shut the fucking blog off. You seem to think we care so much. We don't pal and it has to do with you. You are pathetic."

Stepping Away ...

The past few days have been emotional hell for me. I am not quite sure what the issues are, all I know is that this feeling is overwhelming me from every direction. One minute I am content with how things are going, the next ... not so much. One minute I enjoy people, the next I want to just mow them down with a car (if I owned one). Most of these feelings started this weekend at a friends house. I won't go into details but it has made me reconsider every "friendship" I currently have right now. It has also made me re-evaluate my life. I need to make changes before things are so far gone that I will never be able to find my way back to the surface. I feel like I am slowly falling apart. Everything that spews out of my mouth is negative. I would rather close my bedroom door, close the blinds and lie in a dark room all day long. I feel like I am slowly falling apart.

Over the last couple of days I have started crying over the smallest, most unrelated things. Hell, there have been moments where thinking about crying has made me cry. Not long drawn out sobbing sessions, more like intense small bursts of tears and emotions. I recently allowed 'Anonymous' comments again and almost immediately I get one from someone, on one of my iPhone posts, where I am called a "loser" for asking for help with the iPhone. That did not take long. Let me say this, I never opened this blog for the purpose to get money from people. I did it for my love of balls and all things associated with them. The money thing came up, initially, out of necessity. It was me crying out for help. The iPhone thing, sure, I did not have to ask and probably shouldn't have. I saw other blogs doing it and getting help so I figured I would try.

I work hard at keeping this thing going, giving everyone what they want ... but not sure I am getting anything out of this anymore.

Anyway, as you can clearly tell, I have a lot that I need to think about. That being said, I am stepping away for an undetermined amount of time. If anything major happens or I make a final decision on this blog, I will definitely keep you updated. This blog and me are just not what we used to be. I do not know when I will be back.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

iPooped ...

I am glad today is over! Feels like the longest day ever! I got to the Apple store at 5 and the line was wrapped around the corner. I was worried I was not going to get a phone. At about 6am they split the lines into those that reserved and those that did not. Thankfully I did because I moved up quick. The store opened up at 7 and I was out by 8. The phone cost a little more than I expected though. So if you are still willing and able to donate, I really hope you consider it. But I have not put my iPhone down since I got it. I installed Grindr almost immediately ... fun stuff! Looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight.

And I'm Off ...

It is about 3:45am here in the East Bay. What am I doing up???? It's time to pick up my new iPhone! As you all know, I have been going through major withdrawal since I had to sell the one I had awhile back. I pre-ordered this, apparently lucky enough to be able to do even that, and the pick up day is today! My only concern is getting to the Apple Store and there being a HUGE ass line! The first train into SF this morning is 4:16am and that will get me there around 4:50. So I will be a good 2 hours early. I am bringing a book, hope that will keep me occupied to not notice how slow time will be moving.

On a sidenote, sadly, no one offered to help me out with this. I am sure some of you have your reasons, but not sure about everyone else. I don't think this blog is as popular as it once was and it has me debating the closure of it. One person said he could help, then flaked. I responded to his email but never received a response back. He claimed he was on the "DL" ... I should have known better! Anyway, I will let you all know how it went later.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Once More With Feeling ...

Still hoping that someone out there may be willing and able to help me obtain the new iPhone when it comes out Thursday. If you can I would be eternally grateful. You can click on the Donate link to the right of this post or email me at to discuss further. You can find all the info in the post before this one. Thanks again guys and have a great weekend!