Monday, June 28, 2010

Prime Example of An Asshole ...

Here is an 'Anonymous' comment from someone that clearly does not follow my blog. I published it so you could all see what I have to deal with when I allow these types of comments. I know who this person is and have their contact information, even though they chose to be 'Anonymous'. Let me clarify that I am NOT considering closing the blog simply based on people not helping me with the phone. That would be ridiculous! Actually, the iPhone has nothing to do with my considering the blogs closure. I only talked about that because it was something on my mind.

And for this asshole, I do work full time. Again, if you took the time to read what I post instead of trolling the blog for trouble and collecting pics, you would know that.

"You need to close this blog, and GET A JOB. How dare you shakedown your audience. You claim you didn't do the blog for money but every time I read anything it is you bellyaching. GET TO WORK friend. No one else should take care of you but you. You needed an iphone like a hole in the head and to diss anyone because they didn't help buy you a phone is bullshit. Stop complaining, stop bitching, stop whining. Shut the blog and live life. You being in SF seems to entitle you with the mentality of having others help you. Life doesn't work that way pal.

Stop blogging, or stop threatening to stop because everyone has common sense enough not to help you buy needless crap. I have had it with you and your constant bitching. No wonder your "friends" are fleeing and having you question them. Everything I read about you points to you being LAZY. Shut the hell up (and I will call you a loser too), get a job and become a fucking respectable member of society. Right now you a drag and your bitching is really a bore. Shut the overpriced iphone off and rejoin society you dumb mother fucking ass. What nerve you have. Shut the fucking blog off. You seem to think we care so much. We don't pal and it has to do with you. You are pathetic."


JoeBlow said...

Forget the assholes. I for one love the pics, and I enjoy what you have to say. You have a great blog or else you wouldn't have nearly 600 followers. Assholes only say those sorts of things because they are insecure and try to find someone to make feel worse than they are. If they are ignored, they will go elsewhere and good riddance.

Big-D said...


John said...

Your blog is awesome--this from a straight guy who looks forward to new entries with instant boner excitement. Never mind what others might say, your's is super! Hope you have a good 'break'.

tom said...

Other sites of male erotica occasionally ask for a donation, and they all have reported getting a version of the asshole.
Asking for a free-will donation is just fine. You provide an enjoyable site, and while some people cannot afford to donate, there are those who can easily do so. They're a legitimate base for support, which you deserve.
The asshole is pathological. He's one of the many sick soles who find the internet to be a playground for their aggression, and go looking for trouble. You seem to have a lot on your emotional plate right now; just clear the asshole off the plate and put him in the garbage.
You've got a great, original blog, which I enjoy. Also, you seem to be a sweet sensitive man, and, a real cutie to boot. If I were younger...

glen0330 said...

If I don't like something I do not keep going back to it. If the guy doesn't like your blog, there are thousands of others he can go to. Like TV, I bet he writes the networks and complains about their shows. Does he write the movie companies and complain about the movies they put out? Has he written Crayola and complained about the color selections? Complain to Kool-Aid about the flavors? Since he seems to think he has the solution, have him contact BP with his ideas about the situation in the Gulf.

glen_mc said...

Don't let it get you down Jason!

Keep BLOGGING and keep smiling and he/she? can't hurt you.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about professional help? You are obviously in pain and help is readily available. There is no need for you to continue feeling the way that you do. I was diagnosed as suffering from depression two years ago. My symptoms were very similar to the ones that you describe. After treatment with drugs (completely non-narcotic) and a few sessions with a psychiatrist (recommended by my doctor) I was able to return to work, feeling good about myself and my ability to function in my job and with my colleagues. Please don't wait. You obviously are in pain and in need of help. That help is just a phone call away.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous!

If you don't like what you see and read on this blog I recommend your log the fuck off and go somewhere else. Who died and left your boss of the world anyway?

Now I understand how much shit bloggers put up with; the likes of you make checking out the internet more and more difficult. When bloggers like Jason allow anonymous viewers to comment on their blog they have to put up with your bullshit.

I always wondered why sites made users posing a comment to identify themselves through some legitimate context; it’s to keep hateful comments like yours from ever being read. You must really be some sorry ass for feeling like you have the right to kick a guy when he’s down. Are you that much of a moron?


Howard in Connecticut said...

Hey Jason- while he didn't need to be so vulgar in his diatribe, that Anonymous " dick does have some valid points, I am sorry to say. When you say things, way personal things about yourself on line as you often do, "because you can", you are leaving the door open to assholes like that guy, who respond that way "because THEY can." I hate to see you falling apart, Man. As another writer suggested, please try to seek out some help. Your blog is very unique - I'd hate to see it go, but, you need to maybe pull back for awhile and re-group, for yourself. I am in your corner, don't get me wrong. Take care, Jason. I'm sending you big bear hugs,Man

Anonymous said...

You said it yourself: "I never opened this blog for the purpose to get money from people. I DID IT FOR MY LOVE OF BALLS AND ALL THINGS....". Please don't forget that. This is the first site I visit nightly - and wait eagerly for each update. Don't give up!

Jon L said...

I'm the same age as you and live in Minnesota. I, too, left and went to the bigger gay cities thinking that life would be so much better. Rather than going into that whole tirade, I will just offer this - gay men relish treating other gay men like shit. I have never in my life experienced the kind of hate, ridicule, malice and downright cruelty than I have at the hands of other out and 'proud' gay men. They love knowing that they contributed to your suicide, your addiction, your mental breakdown. I firmly believe that most gay men have a personality disorder that developed after coming out. Since we usually do not have kids nor can we find relationships that last more than 3-18 months, there's no incentive to grow up, nor is there any incentive to be responsible for anything. Since we don't reproduce (unless we have lots of money ) and relationships are very difficult to come by, what's our purpose? This is why so many gay men are drunks and addicts. Nobody wants to face the truth about what our lives mean, why we're here and so instead, we treat each other with resentment; as if other gay men somehow stole your 'I'm special, unique and a prize because of my being gay and interesting and you're nobody'. But that's exactly how gay men act towards each other.

So don't take this guy's opinions personally, but he does have some valid points. Mine would be to get out of San Francisco. I have known more than a dozen young gay men who end their lives in cities such as that because of the cruelty of other gay men, the competition, the perfectionism, the capitalist gays who think they're above every other gay man...

I love being gay and I have pride in that. Unfortunately I pretty much hate the majority of gay men in this world who have no direction, no goals or role models, and while they want marriage equality and rights, the cold hard truth is that I would trust two gay people getting married as much as I would trust two people with Down's Syndrome. When two people don't have the emotional capability or track record to keep a relationship going for more than a year, or had no role modeling to show them the way, how on earth will they make it happen on their own? Sure there will be a few, but for the rest of us, a right to get married when there's nobody around to marry is as good as getting a driver's license and then being told you'll never be able to own a car.

Keep your head up and tell these gay bitches to go burn in hell. Work on yourself and get out of that city. You are living on your nerves right now and I've been there too. When you find a place geographically and emotionally that isn't so taxing on your system you will find inner peace. You aren't going to find it there.

A friend.

Anonymous said...


An Asshole is just that, an Asshole, and this guy is certainly a really unhappy Asshole, having said that, I know that our feelings do get hurt even when we rationalize who the words are coming from, but hang it there.

Yours is the only blog I check every single day, but if you need some time off, then take it, we “your follower” will patiently wait for you to come back online.

Please don’t get down on yourself, life in its self if beautiful and certainly worth living, but unfortunately we all go through hard and depressing times in our lives, maybe it is time for you to reconsider what it is you want out of life, take your time, step back, get some paper and write down what you would like out of life, if, everything was available to you, then think you can go about making then come true.

Maybe it’s time to move, I certainly did from Los Angeles, to a small town in northern California that doesn’t even have a signal-light, but I’m very, very happy now, I have made new friends, have been in a committed relationship for 3 years and life is good again.

I’m not a psychologist but I do have a son that is your age, and I have learned that is not easy for the younger generation this days, and the economy is certainly not helping.

I bought a little house for my son in Missouri it only cost 12k dollars ad he loves it there small community of about 1,500 permanent resident and it triples that in the summer.

So my recommendation, take your time, think about what you want to do, and don’t let assholes ruin your life they are not worth the time or energy.

Your friend and follower,