Saturday, July 3, 2010

Drum Roll Please ...

So after much deliberation on whether to keep this blog going, I have decided that ... I am going to keep it running!

Aside of that one twat, you guys have been amazing in the amount of support you have sent my way. It has really changed my outlook on the blog and those that follow it. I was not expecting to receive so much support. Some were just a few words but many of you sent a lengthy email and I thank you so very much for that. It is an awesome feeling to know that so many of you care about me and the outcome of this blog.

A lot of how I am feeling has to do with running out of my anti-depressants. I have been without them for about a week and a half now. I am having a very hard time getting my medications refilled. It has been a battle! But I should have them by Monday or Tuesday of this week and should be all better by the end of the week.

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I hold a full time job and work ... A LOT! This next month is not going to be any different. There are 4 of us on the SF team for our game and 3 of the 4 all want vacation time this month. I am the only one who is not taking one. I have also volunteered to cover them as much as I can. So I am sure I am going to be wiped by the end of this month. Luckily I love my job and the game that I support. So it's all good. And the extra money will be nice.

Speaking of money ... I have decided I am never going to ask anyone for a dime on here again. No matter how tough things get. That is not why you all come here and I should not expect anything from any of you. We are all here for our love of the nut sack! That is enough for me!

Anyway, I have gone on long enough. I really want to thank all of you again. You have no idea how much this means to me.


Anonymous said...

Stay in there - where would we be without our beloved MaleSack?? ;)

(And PS, you shouldn't stop those pills cold-turkey, that's a dangerous practice, go get some more urgently!)

rbarth17 said...

You've got a great site, glad it's gonna be around. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Jason, We fucking love your site. Fuck him. you keep doing your thing. We love the nut sacks and glad you are around.

Anonymous said...

Jason, don't let a few soreheads get to you. You keep on keeping on dude. You put a lot of work and love into this site and many of us appreciate it. We all love gettin' off to all the fine pics of nut sacs, and their owners, you post. I always come here to check out your latest and I would miss you if you're gone. I've never written before.

Howard in Connecticut said...

It's great to know that you AND your blog will be staying around for a l-o-n-g time, I hope!!
Depression is a tough thing to battle. Hope you are able to get back on your pills soon. All of us,except for that one asshole, KNOW that you are working your butt off. A good job that you love will help you stay happy and busy. Thanks for sharing with us, Jason, but don't share "too" much. You know that one asshole is still gonna be out there! hell, you know what? fuck him.

Anonymous said...

What a nice way to celebrate Independence Day Jason! Glad you made the decision to keep blogging and hope you'll also keep the ability to comment anonymously. You have the ability to delete comments as the blog owner and encourage you to exercise your power for inappropriate comments.

I bet you have lots of followers (like me) who appreciate the ability to comment without sharing our identity - we are gay you know.