Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lazy Sunday ...

Have not managed to get much done today. Well, did more than I wanted to but less than I should have done. I put in some work hours from home, took a the dog on a couple of longer walks but that is about it. Hopefully you are all having a more productive weekend.


Michael Rivers said...

I would LOVE a lazy Sunday afternoon with several of these guys!!

glen_mc said...

Beautiful cock and balls on guy 1 YUM!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jason,

You are to fucking hard on yourself, shit there is nothing I will repeat absolutely nothing wrong with taking some time off just to do nothing.

We all need that, just a day to sit back relax think about nothing and do nothing, ok maybe surfing the web and jacking-off but nothing more strenuous than that.

Don’t be so hard on yourself, sit back enjoy life, you had a hard week at work that is why we have days off.

See I also did nothing this weekend, I read my book, fucked my husband, we took a bubble bath which led to more sucking and fucking, when out to an expensive restaurant had a great dinner with a wonderful bottle of wine, came home and read my book.

I did not take my two dogs for a walk, I did not worked even thou I should have, I just took it easy and now Monday morning I’m in great spirits, rested, and ready to work.

So take it easy on yourself, you are young, enjoy life, live life, get laid, the rest of the shit will happen no matter what we do.

Hey I have one question is your “roommate” your partner, your lover, your fuck buddy, or just a good friend, you mentioned him often but never give any details. Just a thought!

Have a great day.

Robert (RV2121)

I Heart Ass said...

Oh My God! Hot balls. Would love to take a pair and suck on them till the guys comes. Hot!