Thursday, June 24, 2010

And I'm Off ...

It is about 3:45am here in the East Bay. What am I doing up???? It's time to pick up my new iPhone! As you all know, I have been going through major withdrawal since I had to sell the one I had awhile back. I pre-ordered this, apparently lucky enough to be able to do even that, and the pick up day is today! My only concern is getting to the Apple Store and there being a HUGE ass line! The first train into SF this morning is 4:16am and that will get me there around 4:50. So I will be a good 2 hours early. I am bringing a book, hope that will keep me occupied to not notice how slow time will be moving.

On a sidenote, sadly, no one offered to help me out with this. I am sure some of you have your reasons, but not sure about everyone else. I don't think this blog is as popular as it once was and it has me debating the closure of it. One person said he could help, then flaked. I responded to his email but never received a response back. He claimed he was on the "DL" ... I should have known better! Anyway, I will let you all know how it went later.

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Leatherpigboy said...

Good luck with the new phone!