Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Perfection ...

If I had to choose the ideal man, Cody Cummings would be that man! If you actually read some of my posts, you know I am a HUGE fan of Cody. He is beautiful in every way possible! And just when I thought he could not get any hotter to me, I was sent this pic. It has 3 things that turn me on BIG time ...

3) Hoodies!
2)Big, low hanging balls!
1) Cody Cummings!

Numbers 1 and 2 are interchangeable of course! :)

Anyway, just had to share. Hope you are all having a great day today. The weather is BEAUTIFUL here in Chicago. Sunny and warm! I am loving it! As each day passes I become more and more happy that I moved back. Take Care guys!


Anonymous said...

nice cockhead too! YUM!

Ray's Cowboy said...

I would take number 2 any time on any Man.


PS Happy St. Patrick's Day

Tom said...

Cody is a favorite of mine. I don't care if he is gay, straight or whatever- the man makes me smile. If I ever met him, I'd hit him up. He seems to love what he does. And that's great,