Friday, March 25, 2011

SF Cockpit Party In Chicago This Weekend ... Ever Been? I Need Info ...

Not sure if anyone has heard of this but I am hoping someone has and can give me some background. The website for these parties is over at SFCockpit (just click that name). Well, they are usually in SF but there is one this weekend in Chicago. Someone said that the last one was around IML. Anyone here ever go to one of these parties? Maybe in Chicago or even SF? I am thinking about going but want to know what it is like. So here are my questions ...

1) Does a lot of sex happen there?

2) If so, what kind goes on? Just oral? Fucking? Barebacking?

3) What kind of guys attend? I was told that the person that puts this together asks for full body pics of those interested.

4)Is everyone that attends fit and muscle or all types attend?

5) Do you have to check all of your clothes in or can you keep them on?

Like I said, really want to go but need more information first. So anything would be helpful. Not that you really care, or you might, I have been craving getting fucked for over a week now. I want to have someone top me and feed my ass their cock and cum! The last two times I have gone out, I have prepared for that to happen, sadly it does not. Anyway, just thought I would share.

If you can answer these questions, please either post them in the comments section or email me at

Thanks guys!

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Anonymous said...

Hey bub,, it's usually fun,, sorry you have failed,, would gladly help you hook up .... I do maybe 10x week... Oink