Monday, March 21, 2011

Update On The Interviews ...

Since there are some of you out there that are interested in what is going on in my personal life, I wanted to let you know how the interviews went today.

The first one I had this morning was on Canal in Chicago. The interview went really well ... until she asked if the staffing agency I am going through did a credit check. Why a credit check you ask? Because the company that I would be working for deals with automobile warranties and deals with a bank. They want people with good credit working for them. So when she asked that I felt a little defeated. But she said she would talk to the agency and see what they say. I left there feeling not so positive about it. However, I just got an email from the agency a little while ago and they said they ran my credit check and it is "not that bad" and that the company considers me a strong candidate for the position. So things may move forward with it. Only bad thing ... they are business casual. And by that they mean khakis and button down shirts. I have not worked in that kind of environment for a very long time. So if I get it, I will have to buy new clothes because I have none for that environment. Not sure where I will get the money for them but we will see what happens.

The second interview today was with a different company and was a phone interview. This company has offices all over the place and I even applied for a position with them when I lived in CA. Things never moved further there but I applied to the company here in Chicago and they wanted to speak with me. I am actually hoping that this one happens. I would love to work for them and am VERY familiar with what they offer. I use them quite a bit. The phone interview seemed to go well and she was really nice. So now I just wait to see where things go with that.

So yea, productive day and am proud that I knocked out two interviews in one day. Now comes the part I hate most ... waiting!


Anonymous said...

Have you not heard of a little site called eBay. You want cheap clothes, buy them second hand and if necessary have them tailored. I personally have several Brooks Brothers suits and Ralph Lauren sports jackets none of which have cost me a fraction of the retail price the original owner paid. The Brooks Bros suit in perfect condition cost me about $25. Just know your size and be discriminating. Lots of men change size or get divorced and the wives and girlfriends put up the posts trying to offset the cost of their new clothes. It's not hard. Know what you want and let your fingers shop for quality online in the after market. Bonus... you get to imagine whose balls used to hang in the crotch. After a proper clean of course.

Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

Best of luck on your interviews. On the credit check BULLSHIT, yeah, that's BULLSHIT. I had an interview a while ago that required me signed 26 pages for all sorts of background checks. By the time I got to the credit check pages, I also felt SOOOOOO DEFEATED! I see why they want them, but in economies when many have been un or underemployed for MONTHS, such "traps" are BS! Give people who are willing to work a chance to get back on their feet. It sooo fucking pissed me off. And frankly, such recruiting tactics should be made illegal. So what... low-income people cant apply for higher paying jobs now? Who the fuck creates systems?? Yes, it's designed to mitigate potential risk, but it's also designed to keep certain people where they are -- forever poor! It's all bullshit to the highest order.