Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No More Blogger ... Make Note Of This URL!

As you all have seen, I recently made mention of wanting to change where my blog is stored. The main reason is that I want to be able to do what I want on my blog without the fear of someone being a whiny bitch, I won't name anyone specific although I would LOVE to, and complaining to Blogger and getting my blog shut down. I want more control of the fate of the blog. So after some research, I have found a new home for it. The new URL will be ....


Be sure to bookmark this link because it will be put to use within the next week. The only down side to no longer using Blogger is that I have had to paid for a full year on this new domain. But I feel that it is money well spent for the peace of mind that it will give me in the long run. I was hoping to transfer all of the information from the Blogger account over to this new space but that is way too technical for me to try and pretend that I understand. So you will have to refer to the Blogger URL if you want any of the pics I posted in the past. Hmm ... if only there were a way for you to receive a cd full of ALL the pics I have posted since Day 1 ... IF ONLY! (wink, wink)

Once I get the new site looking like I want it to, I will be sure to let you all know when to only visit the new site. I am really excited about this new beginning and I hope you all will be as well. I will try very hard to make this transition seamless and painless for all of us.


Howard in CT said...

In order to keep my bookmarks down to a reasonable number, I reach The Male Sack thru your link at Boyohboi. When you transition to your new URL, will you still be accessible thru Boyohboi? btw, I am excited for you, Jason, getting your own domain!

The MaleSack said...

Thanks Howard! I should still be accessible through there, I will just have him update the link on BoyOhBoi so it directs to the new site when it is up and running.

Hairy4ever said...


I'll follow your transition to the new domain because I'm really fed-up about Blogger and his homophobic decisions.

Blogger was shooted my blog once and I was very lucky to rescue it. Unfortunally, a lot of blogs couldn't rescue. Maybe is time for transfer my blog too

BlokeToys said...

Blogger is a risky place to host any blog, adult or not. After you've spent years building up a following and working away at it, they can just destroy it for absolutely no reason.

Jason, you should promote some adult sites to pay for the cost of hosting.

I'll email you.