Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Need Head ... er

Ok, yea ... the title is lame. But it got your attention right?

Anyway, with the start of the new site,, I need a new header. Is anyone out there a digital artist and willing to create something for me? I am looking for something that is about 940x198 in size. I would like something that says The Male Sack but also incorporates something artistic, maybe involving a males sack or something. The colors of the blog are going to be along the same lines as this one, so the brownish theme. So ... can anyone out there create something for me?

I like the headers that DudeTube has had people create for them. Something along those lines would be cool. But I am open minded so feel free to be creative as well . I really hope someone out there might be able and willing to do this. I would be so grateful! If you can do this, please email me at Leaving comments on this post are ok but please be sure to leave your email address so I can get back to you. Thanks!


BlokeToys said...

There's a header on it's way to you right now. Enjoy!

Larry said...

What's wrong with the Header/Banner that is currently on your new site? It has class and a winning ambiance.

BlokeToys said...

That's actually the default header on there. And a lot of other bloggers don't bother to change it. So it might really be a little off-putting to regular blog readers.
Besides, the one I've given him is much better, I think you will approve lol
I'm really looking forward to seeing how it develops!

The MaleSack said...

Believe me ... you all are going to love what BlokeToys created for me!