Monday, November 23, 2009

Off To The Park ...

Was planning on going earlier in the day, since I did not get much sleep last night, I went back to bed for a couple hours. Well, now I am off for some late in the afternoon/early evening play. During the day is good but playing at night is a bit more fun for me. I like the whole anonymous thing. Anyway ... I hope that you got through Monday unharmed. :) I know for many people this is the only work day this week, then the holidays. If that is the case, take tonight and the next couple of days to sit back, relax and unload! Preferably in someone's mouth! :)


Ray's Cowboy said...

WOOF. love to have sex at night. I love when they suck My cock and balls like there will be no tomorrow. Is that your picture,the first one. Love to dock with you if it is.

The MaleSack said...

Unfortunately it is not. Would love to have a cock and balls like those! Although, don't think I would want to be uncut. But you should still want to dock with him though! :)