Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Don't Know What To Do Today ...

Not entirely sure what to do with myself today. Kinda horny and toying with the idea of taking a train ride into SF to head to Golden Gate Park for some cruising ... trying to get myself motivated to do it. Seems like it is going to be a fairly nice day. It's usually hit and miss when I go but I get a lot of walking in so it turns out to be good exercise. So I kill two birds with one cum shot ... I mean stone. :)

Also need to get my mind off of the fact that my cell phone was disconnected for non-payment. I took a look at my bill online and my account is $245 past due ... not working and bringing in money to pay it really sucks! Should be interesting during the job hunt. Oh well ... guess the phone is the least of my worries.

Enjoy todays pics and I hope that you are having a great day!

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