Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Thank You And A Note ...

I want to say thank you to the few of you that have decided to help me out per my previous post. I am still somewhat behind so if you have not helped out yet, and still can or are still debating, I hope that you can offer up even a little. I am not pushing anyone to help. If you want to, thank you ... if you don't, that is your decision. You can use the 'Donate' link or email me at

Aside of the positive feedback I have received, I have also received a few negative. I have posted ALL of the comments you have posted. I see no reason to hide or provide things that only make me look good. I need to say this. I already know what I did was not the smartest thing. But sometimes there are things that happen that have gone on for too long that you are just unable to tolerate them any further. We all handle things differently, I only wish everyone realized that. If we all handled things the same way, well, things would be a hell of a lot easier. There are a number of things that took place that led up to me leaving. Before you judge me with such harsh words, maybe you should make sure you are well informed. I do not understand how some people are so utterly rude and inconsiderate like that. I would NEVER say that to anyone regardless of how I was feeling.

Again, thanks so much for all of the support and positive feedback you have sent me. I hope to get back to regular posts this upcoming week. Believe me, if I could turn back time I would not have made the decision that I did. But just because I did not handle things the way a certain person thinks I should have, it does not make me less of an adult. But most importantly, it does not make me any less of a human being!

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