Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Need Your Opinions ....

I have struggled with my weight for the longest time. I go through periods of doing good at working towards losing weight but I always fall back in my bad ways. The one thing that gets me is soda! I have tried so hard to cut it out of my life but it pulls me back in. I also do not eat as healthy as I should. I mean, its good that I recognize the problems ... right? I am tired of feeling the way that I do. Its warm out and I am layering on the clothes. I should not be doing that. The way I am feeling is also starting to keep me locked up in the apartment. I am tired all the time too.

I want to start focusing on losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle. But I need motivation. One thing that popped into my head this afternoon was to create a blog so that I could not everything I did each day and how I am feeling. I figure this would give me something to work towards. I could post pictures of my body, as scary as they would be, in the beginning and document things as I progress. You think this is a good idea? Would you be interested in it and willing to follow it? Scary nekkid pictures and all?


Jason said...

Good idea! You can do it! You are stronger than you think.

Michael Rivers said...

I think thats a good idea. Even if you don't post the photos here, take a picture on the 1st day of the month and compare them after 3-4 months. Good luck!

Doug said...

I will support you, encourage you and work out with you and tell you what I'm eating !!! I vote for posting your pictures !!!!

Whatever you decide I'm here to help you !!!



Anonymous said...

That it is a very good idea. If you post your pics often of your body that way you can see the results after few months. That way we can encourage you also and give you some tips.

Ing Industrial said...

Hey brother...
very good idea! You can do it! Focus your ideas and do it again again and again.

I vote for posting your pictures too... but remember:

Some people has to work more to get some results. And is a good idea to get a personal trainer to help yo in begining.

They told me that Not all people has the same genetic. But all men can get results.

Other importan thing is metabolism, is different in young men adn older men like us. (over

But NOTHING is impossible brother.


Anonymous said...

Jason, I was very heavy once and I think it's a great idea if you start a new program and we all support you. My email address is I helped my lover loose 56 pounds. We're here for you.Let's get started. John

Ian a.k.a. Darktomahawk said...

Hey Brother...just wanted to share with you a post I recently did on one of my blogs, MALE, about being a bigger Man of Color. Maybe this will help, at least give you an idea, you're not alone in the fight against the battle of the bulge.

I don't know if you're Black/Latino/whatever, but I think the message is somewhat helpful to anyone, no matter what their ethnicity. I only spoke from my own perspective.

Here are the links:

Also, check out my Chocolate and Salsa blog. I added a link to you on there as well

Alternative said...

I assume that you never started that blog, or the weight loss program. I have never been big, but always knew that if i didn't watch it i could be. In fact if i just did a bit more i think i could look great, but i find exercise boring and i love food that isn't good for me.
The only things that worked for me were as follows.
Don't go to the gym, you lose interest after a couple of visits, find something energetic that you enjoy. I found walking to be relaxing and enjoyable. It is something i now look forward to and i do it every day for miles in the countryside where i live. I never see it as exercise so i keep it up.
Second, i went to the Supermarket and scoured all the isles for all the food i like that is healthy and low calorie And i only buy that stuff. and third on the soda front, Fizzy mineral water that is ice cold does it for me now. It is an aquired taste but fills a hole. It's all about finding an alternative that works for you. There must be lots if things that you would enjoy eating that is low fat and healthy, you just need to find it. Even if it you only discover one meal a week that is tasty and heathy, you soon build up to a weeks worth of meals that you can enjoy and there must be some form of excercise that you enjoy that will get the pounds off.
Have you tried going to an orgy ?. they are very energetic i hear. (LOL)
Good luck ;-)
all the best

The MaleSack said...

No, I have not started it. Not sure I will or even when. Things are really hard right now, not having a job and all. I do not have the money to make rent at the end of the month and I am trying to scrape up some to pay for my laptop. I am pretty freaked out about all of that. Not sure where things are going and that is my main priority. I have been taking the dog on longer walks and cutting out some soda, replacing it with water. Just taking baby steps I guess.