Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm Officially .....

1) No longer working for my previous employer. Yay! My last day was Friday and I ended up leaving like 3 hours into it. Really no reason for me to be there. I am really happy that I am outta there. Just don't think it has set in yet.

2) Making weight loss my primary focus, well, aside of the new job. I am going to do the blog thing as well, as I mentioned in my last post. Will probably start it this weekend or Monday. Messed around with someone tonight and they asked me what nationality I was because, as they put it, I'm "thick". That is right up there with "I like a guy with meat on his bones" or "hey big guy"!

3) Up for 24 hours without any sleep! Went whoring last night, did not get home until 5am. I am going to take the dog to the park again, 2nd day in a row, and saw no point in going to bed. So I should be extremely worn out by Noon!

4) Want you to enjoy this morning's post!


Ing Industrial said...

wow really sacred big cocks,
i love men with fat and long cocks... i can suck them for hours No limit in time... Nice blog
thank you for sharing..

Ruffy said...

WOOF WOOF! I'm loving some of these man sacks! Pic #1 is awesome!

Doug said...

AWESOME pictures !!! especially #1:)
Thanks, Jason :)
Congratulations on your work situation !!!
Thick body, Big Smile, Thick Dick, Full egg sack, DELICIOUS feet =
I'm ready for your pictures of yourself and helping and motivating you on your weight goal:)
Sounds like you had an arousing and relaxing night with your friend...GOOD for YOU :)
Happy weekend !!!

Anonymous said...

Regarding your diet, be careful with soda as i had kidney stones because of soda before.
try getting into bottled water and perhaps add a slice of lemon and remember it takes longer to take it off then to put it on.
good luck.