Friday, August 13, 2010

Need Your Help In This Hunt ...

I am hoping that someone can help me out with this. I was a follower of this hotties blog, he goes by the name Davey Wavey, for quite some time. Well, I stopped visiting it and did a search for him the other day and came across some interesting news about him. Supposedly he used Manhunt and he had x-rated photos of him on there. Well, initially saw this over at Tabloid Prodigy, the link is below. You will also see the link to his blog. Anyway, I know they are out there somewhere and someone has to have them. I really want to see what I missed out on. I have been wanting to see him naked for the longest time! It finally happens and I miss it! If you have them, please email them to me at Thank you!

Davey Wavey's Blog:

Tabloid Prodigy story:


Anonymous said...

I've got the revealing stills, but I don't think it would be right for you to post them. Checking his blog and Twitter account there is no reference to them. The Twitter account where I got the link has deleted that Tweet, so I suspect they were contacted.

Let's just say they are everything you could imagine and more.

This is a lesson for everyone doing live cams. Even if you think you are 1-on-1 you are not safe from being exposed. Off shore websites make arrangements with tech types at these sites for access and there is software to record the live session and capture still images.

N649309 said...

Boy, I've wanted to fuck that kid for years. PLEASE, post if you find.

The MaleSack said...

@ Anon - I was not planning on posting them. I just want to see them and have them for my collection. If you have them, I beg you to share them with me. :) They are NOT going to be posted.