Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hard To Believe ...

That Christmas is only a few days away. Not really looking forward to it much this year, really have no reason to get all excited about it. I have no family to celebrate it with out here, aside of my roommate and my pup who are all the family I really have. That also means no exchanging of Christmas presents. I know I know ... the holiday is not really supposed to be about presents so you don't need to leave that specific comment. It is just fun to get them and with the shitty year I have had, well, it would be nice. I was going to put up a wishlist to see if people that visit my blog would be interested/willing to send me some things I selected but I figured I would probably just get ripped a new asshole by some who visit. I do not mean to make any irate or hate me so I decided to not post it. Oh well ... hell, I did not even put up any decorations this year at all and that is not like me.

Well, I should be heading to bed. Here is something to start your Wednesday off right. Night all!


Howard in CT said...

Did you take down "Where I come to Unload" already? I was just thinking while I was reading it, your entry here would have been a good one for over there.

Scott said...

Cheer up! Merry Christmas to you, sincerely. !
Make a good memory. I appreciate your blog and all you do.