Saturday, January 29, 2011

800 miles down ... 1500 to go ...

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! What a dork I am!

I am posting this from my hotel room in Utah. Right now the 800 mile mark has been reached. This leaves me with a total of 1500 miles left. From here the next stop is Denver, that is going to take 8 hours. The final leg of the trip will be from Denver to Chicago and that is 14 hours. Going to try and get all 8 in tomorrow plus a few from the other time. Ideally I want to be in Chicago on the 14th.

There have been some unforeseen furniture casualties that occurred on the day of the move from the apt. to the moving van. Let's see ... As the couch was being moved, it was a hell of a fight to get it to happen. It would not fit in the elevator and it would not fit down the stairwell. The only other options was to tie a rope around it and lower it to the ground over a railing. And yes, I had help with the move. Well, this was tried, however, grip on the rope was lost and it came crashing onto concrete. Needless to say, the couch turned into a sectional. It was bad! Then, as I was packing more boxes, I had to run an errand in the moving truck. So the table stood on its side with the legs sticking out. During the drive I heard this loud box drop and a cracking sound. When I got home I found that one of the heavier boxes broke two legs off the dining room table. I tried to put them back on but they were pretty damaged. So I had to toss that. Also during the packing into the truck, the box with all the kitchen plates fell and hit the metal truck bed. Now I am out dishes and need to buy a whole new set.

I am babbling ... sorry. Just something unexpected that I wish did not happen.

Anyway, the drive has been great. Hit a massive amount of fog at one point, so heavy you could not see the rode. I had to drive super slow so it took longer than it should. I have also had to make a number of stops for the dog to do her business. I can tell she is stressed out though. Even so, she ends up lying down in the seat and tries to sleep. She never gets any sleep but she does try. Well, that's it for now about the trip. I will definitely keep you updated with another post tomorrow about my drive from Utah to Denver. Stay Tuned!

I also want to thank all of you for your kind words and well wishes. You guys are the best! And just to clarify, one user said 'congrats on the new job and the move', unfortunately there is no

'new job' at this point. A friend of mine, that is a Customer Service Mgr. first told me that he should be able to get me in. Now he is not so sure and has changed his story a couple of times. So I am not holding my breath for it. Going to start looking when I am all settled in.

Have a great night and weekend guys! Hope you enjoy the pics I posted previous to this as well.


Japheth said...

Sounds like quite an adventure. Stay safe.

Ray's Cowboy said...

Hoping you a safe and sound trip.