Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year .... New Nuts!

I hope that everyone had a very safe and happy new years celebration. And hope it was less dramatic than mine turned out to be! :) Sorry for the lack of updates. With the new year here I plan on making alot of changes. One being that I plan on being more active with my blog postings.

That being said ... hope you enjoy the first post of 2009!


jeffnumberone said...

Great way to start the New Year.

Anonymous said...

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Joehairy said...

Wow. Of all the great pics on this site, two on this day are just incredible. The fat nuts and uncut cock of the grunt in the tank are just perfect. And the third guy (with the dogtags and towel) is just perfection head to toe - unbelievably good looking and well constructed body, with a set of awesome heavy nuts. And you can tell that if he turned around, his butt would be the best you've ever seen. He is welcome in my bed any time!