Saturday, February 27, 2010

Is This Week Over Yet?

Unfortunately not! I still have today and tomorrow to work. Told you it was going to be busy! So far, w/o counting today and tomorrow's hours, I have already put in 39 total. Since tomorrow is my day off and I am putting in time, I think I am just going to work from home. I did not want to and I don't like working from home, but I am worn out! And I will be able to put in more hours tomorrow since I don't have to factor in commute time. Once this week is over I should have a total of 60 hours put in. That is if I stick to the schedule I want to for today and tomorrow.

I also want to say sorry for anyone that has emailed me pics or asked to exchange blog links ... I am not ignoring you! I will respond and update my blog list with your links. Just have not had the time or desire to go through all of that when I get home. So please forgive me. I am usually a lot better in communicating, just not this week. Hope you all still love me ... :) And I really hope you like today's pics and have a great weekend. Have some fun & drinks for me! Now I need to get my ass out of here! On a sidenote, I was lucky enough to get to suck on the cock in the first pic last weekend. YUMMY!


glen_mc said...

2nd last dick YUMMY!!

Leatherpigboy said...

awesome pics hope you enjoy your days off!

alanon said...

excellent blog!! put my blog on your list ( I will do the same with your