Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lazy Sack O' Bones!

A few days have passed since my last post ... I know. :( I was a bit sick the last couple of days, which I passed along to my roommate, so we both shared in some misery! Thank God that it only lasted a few days, not sure I could take a prolonged case of the flu or whatever it was that came out of nowhere. I am feeling alot better and hope that it does not come back. It drained all of the energy out of my body! I did not want to do much of anything.

Enough about me .... how are all of you? Doing well I hope! I have been getting some great compliments on the site and some people have been sharing their pics, hope to be posting them soon. If you want to send me some of your collection, whether they are pics you found online or are of you or your bf (a trick works well in this case too), please do not hesitate to send them my way. The email address is

Thanks for taking the time to visit today .... man! I am horny!


manxxx1 said...

i just discover your blog... wow... i'm a sack admirer... be sure that i'll be a regular here ;-p

apop said...

Budd here, back again. No Summer sports camps, but still do sports massage/barefeet reflexology...have had 3 guys this weekend (and it's only Saturday)'s nice to have some "appealing sacks" in my living room! Drop me a line when you can...budd