Saturday, April 11, 2009

Outdoor Sacks

Tonight I am headed to the cruisy woods/parks in hopes of a little ... or alot ... of action! Would be nice if I could find a park full of these types of guys. I guess that wouldn't be a park then would it? It would be HEAVEN! :)

And although the first pic is one of the hottest, I would not be sticking around to find out what he was into!

Have an awesome Friday night!


manxxx1 said...

It's not yet spring time here... still a little of snow in the woods but, in few weeks we should be able to go and have naked sunbath in the gay spot of the park of my city. Good place to see nice hangings .. mummm....

apop said...

One best way to revv-up a guy is to tongue-tease his nuts! As he edges upwards, STOP..tuck your tongue underneath his nuts, then FEEL them dance! Soooo hottt!