Friday, April 24, 2009

Let The (Your) Weekend Begin!

This week officially sucked just as hard, if not harder, than the previous week. I am thankful for one thing though ... in 2 days I will be taking a vacation from that place. One week without any concern for what happens there! Not going anywhere special. Just taking the time to re-evaluate my life and figure out which direction I am trying to head in. So much needs to change and it needs to happen relatively soon. I have a job interview set up for Tuesday of next week for a place that is very interested in me and want someone to start ASAP. So my hope is to interview, get offered the position and then never have to go back to this crap place I am at now. Here's hoping!

I hope that you all have a really great weekend and manage to have alot of fun!

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manxxx1 said...

have a good vacation and weekend you to and lwt wish that we'll have a nice pair of lowhanging to teabagg