Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just Had To Share ...

You all read my last post right? The reason for it was because my roommate received some harsh comments about me on one of his posts. After I posted I was just going to drop it. That was until my roommate showed me a response he received from this person about my latest post. I wanted to share with you what this person had to say about me and my roommate. Usually these things upset me, as I am sure you have seen in the past, but this time I had a laugh at it. We both did. It amazes me that there are people like this out there and that they think this kind of behavior is ok. I now know that I should not take this personally. That this person really just hates his own life so feels the need to attack how someone else chooses to live theirs.

"Yes, your "roomate" can complain on his blog "because he can", but he is a chronic pussy. Bitching because he put in 40 hours. WIMP!! I have followed both of you long enough to have listened to the money pitches when you needed to pay rent. GET JOBS! You plead for school money, the roommate is a chronic complainer. I have an idea? WORK! Do not pester people you do not know for money because you are so incapable to work; or when this guy finally gets a job- he bitches every fucking goddamn day about it. I DO NOT CARE. You live in an expensive city. If you can't handle it, move. Oh and you "roommate" takes shitty pictures. He has been "given extra responsibilities. They will be sorry. Expect the bitching from this clown to intensify. Your roommate is a fucking lazy whining pussy. It won't be long before he is jobless once more and blaming everyone except himself, and panhandling money off the web. Douche-bag LAZY idiot."

And just to clear some more things up, I NEVER complain about having to work 40 hours a week. That is my schedule. When I talk about the hours I work it is when I put in 50-60 hours. You then go on to say "GET JOBS" ... um ... right after you comment on my talk of work hours. And we do not live in an "expensive city". First off, CA is a state. Second, we do not live in SF. You say you follow us but do you even really read what we post? And honestly, if you "DO NOT CARE" why the hell even send these emails? Hope you all get as much of a laugh out of this as we did.

And here is the picture he called "shitty"


Leatherpigboy said...

LOL oh wow...i never get if people dont like what they are reading why do they keep reading??

Stan said...

In these times it's hard to find a full time job anywhere period. Especially one that pays well. If you do they work you like a fucking slave with no benefits and EXPECT you to work overtime without getting paid extra. Welcome to America!

The MaleSack said...

@ LPB - my thoughts exactly!

Anonymous said...

I don’t get people that complain about shit, there are thousands if not millions of blogs out on the web, if you don’t like or don’t agree with a specific subject, move on, don’t come back, select other blogs to view, otherwise enjoy the great blog, great pictures, and humorous comments.

I agree with you 110% sometime we vent and a blog is a great place I actually enjoy your venting sometimes about work, because I feel the same, grateful to have a job, but sometimes it just gets to me big time, and it’s good to have a close friend to vent a little.

That does not make us LAZY, just realistic about life.

Who the fuck and died and made him king to criticize where one lives, this is fucking CA it’s expensive everywhere but we have chosen to live here so we paid, that is our God given right to choose the What/When/Where of our life.

He should keep his comments if negative to himself, and as far as I’m concerned he should just fuck off and move to another blog.

Personally I love your blog I visit every day, enjoy the hunks and LOL at some of your comments, please keep on tucking, assholes are in the millions, the good ones are a bit more rare.

There not I vented.

throb919 said...

Well - he could've at least said "fucking lazy whining pussy with a great collection of testicle pics*" - I mean there's no reason to be rude!


* [ many of them not shitty at all ]