Friday, May 28, 2010

Time To De-Stress ...

Another busy week ... feel like it took forever to get to Friday night. Hope life is treating you all well. Any big plans for the weekend? Not too much going on here. Have to put in some hours for work tomorrow, do some grocery shopping and spend some time with the roommate and the dog. But tomorrow night ... well, I am hoping to get rid of some of this built up tension. How? Well tomorrow night is Bearracuda Underwear Night @ Deco in SF. I don't strip down or anything but I like going so I can partake in the naughtiness that happens downstairs after 11pm. The lights go off and the fun begins!

Wondering though ... does anyone that follows this blog attend this specific party? Would be kinda hot playing around with someone there that does. Just askin'. Take care guys! Will chat with ya soon.


apop said...

For me, it's close to photo-art! Magnificent!
I would seriously n'joy seeing other pics...full-bod. I'll bet those tanks work beautifully, and it'd be sooo hot to watch them, then circle-down in the fleshy sac. Mmmm, my tongue's hard...!

Anonymous said...

The last photo is so hot, the guys solid torso, six pack abs, long slender thighs, with his cock resting comfortably on his thigh, and two big low hanging nuts hanging heavily between his hairy HOT! I just want to grab those juicy balls, squeeze them, and suck them dry. I hope he is strong enough to handle it.