Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bittersweet News ...

Well, I received a call about the job interview I had last week. He told me that he interviewed someone that he "liked a little bit more" than me. Disappointing to hear in itself. He then went on to say he offered the position to him. However, he was given the go ahead to hire someone with a start date of 12/15 and would like to be able to offer that to me. He is going to call around 12/1 to do just that. That's great and all but that means no money to cover Decembers rent on the 4th. So I am very disappointed to say the least. I have another interview lined up tomorrow so I hope that goes well. Unfortunately I am unable to wait for this other job because, a day after rent is late, we are served with a notice that gives us 3 days to pay or begin the eviction process. On top of that, the day after rent is due, if it is late we get slapped with an additional $75 fee. Sucks I know. Anyway, just wanted to share. I will keep you all updated.

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