Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thunder & Lightning ...

Lovin' the weather these past couple of days. Not so much the rain, more about it being overcast, gray and chilly. It actually feels like Fall for once. But today offered up something that I have only experienced about 3 times since moving here 4 years ago ... Thunder & Lightning! It was short lived but it was nice to hear. It is just one of the many things I miss about Chicago.

To add ... this first pic is HOT!


Man Solos said...

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I´ll do the same.
Man Solos

Stan said...

6th pic down I think is Mike Roberts. He's probably a gay-for-pay stud because he only Tops and doesn't suck dick but maybe that's why he's so attractive to me.

First dude with a cock like that should be registered as a lethal weapon!

The MaleSack said...

@ Stan - I have never seen any of his videos but I love his look. Hot guy with great balls! :)

@ Man Solos - Added

Anonymous said...

OMFG, the picture on top, what a fuckin boa, photoshopped though but anyways, hehe..