Sunday, January 17, 2010

If You Are Interested ... Or Feeling Generous ...

And no, not referring to money .... you are all probably glad to hear that! :)

My birthday is coming up, February 2nd to be exact. I will be 34 years old. I wanted to give something a shot to see if it works, not sure it will, but hope it does.

Since Xmas kinda blew, presents wise (yes, I know that is not what the holiday is really about), I figured that maybe my birthday can be better. Thought that maybe some of you might want to make it enjoyable for me ... if even a little.

I recently obtained a Playstation 3 through a co-worker. As you know, I have wanted one for a LONG time! Well, he is allowing me to make payments on it while I have it. So it works out best for both of us. Anyway, I compiled a "Wishlist" on Amazon on some games and Blue-Ray movies I would love to have, now that I have this thing. Please do not feel obligated to buy me anything. This may seem selfish I know. But hey, can't blame a girl for tryin' ... right? And I saw another blog post a "Wishlist" from Amazon and he claimed he had a lot of success.

Anyway, you will find the link below. You don't need to tell me you are sending me anything from it, only if you want to. Again, please don't feel pressured to do this. Some of you have done so much for me already. Would be nice to actually have a decent birthday with lots of presents ... have not had one like that since I was a kid. I believe that, if you are to purchase something, it will automatically prefill my shipping address, so all the information should be there. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Please click link below to be directed to site/list. Thanks!

My Birthday Wishlist (

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Leatherpigboy said...

my Mother said if you dont ask you dont get! :) Happy Early Birthday!