Thursday, January 7, 2010

Would An Apology Mean Anything?

I hope so because I am SO sorry that I have neglected you guys! I have been more worn out than I thought I would. When I get home I just want to come home and go to bed. Last night I put in a couple more hours of work from so I did not have the time to post. Lucky for you guys I am working from home all day tomorrow. I am also starting a new work schedule next week and will have this Saturday to Monday off. But then I will be working Tuesday through Saturday from that week forward. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I will do my best to post more for you all. I don't want to lose you! I appreciate your patience though. Once I get used to the schedule and working again I should be able to juggle it all.


TornJeans said...

Fuck man! Not to worry!
who was complaining?
It is your first week on the new job.
It's ok to take a break!
enjoy the rest of the week and your weekend!

sothea said...

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Leatherpigboy said...

Dont worry buddy, we are not going anywhere. You will adjust to the new schedual and work it all in. Hope your first week back was good!

The MaleSack said...

@ LPB - Thanks as always! :)

@ sothea - added. Please add mine to yours.

Stan said...

your work and earning money is more important man. Don't worry about the blog. It and us will be here for you. Best of luck guy!

Nut Nuzzler said...

Ditto what Stan says. :)