Sunday, March 1, 2009

Equal Opportunity Admirer

It's clear that I have a passion for a nice set of low hanging balls but, as you surely know, they are not always easy to find on the guys you meet. For me the next best things are those that are big and not so far away from the body. Does that make sense? If a guy has a nice set of balls that don't hang so low, believe me, I won't be passing them up!

In the end though, it is all about proportion. They guy really has to have balls that match the cock he has. If he is small in size and has massive nuts, well, I get a little turned off. Yes, I know that sounds biased, well, I am! The same goes for those will huge dicks and no nuts ... its just not that fun. Know what I mean? I want the best of both worlds .... I want to have my cake, or better yet, cock and eat it to!

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