Thursday, March 5, 2009

Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends - Pt 2

I am once again reaching out to all of you that come visit the site. I am in need of a new computer badly! The one I am on is on its last leg, barely chugging along. I have tried to find other avenues at getting a new computer but they all failed. My credit sucks so I cannot apply for a card to get one. I do not have the cash saved up for one, as you know, my finances have been a mess. So I am asking you to please find it in your hear to help me out. No computer means no more MaleSack ... we don't want that to happen do we? I know I don't.

The "Donate" button is to your right. I posted instructions in an earlier post. You should be able to locate them. If you need me to post them again, please let me know. If you prefer to mail it to me, I can give you my home address. Email me at to discuss this further. I would be eternally grateful if you could help me out. Without my computer, I am lost ...

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