Friday, March 27, 2009

Update # Whatever .....

Well, I think that I have resolved the no computer issue. Although it is not the ideal route I would have liked to have gone, well, it is better than nothing. After wearing out ALL of my options and hopes for getting financed through companies like Dell and Best Buy (I was denied EVERY place I tried), my roommate suggested Rent A Center. So this past week we stopped by our local store to see what was available and what the process was.

At first I was not sure it was going to happen. They were asking for things I did not really have. They wanted me to be at my job for a year, I have only been there 6 months. They also wanted 4 references, two had to be family members that lived somewhere else. Well, I am no longer on speaking terms with any of my family. I immediately thought that this was going to be a major failure and I would be declined. I mean, you are approved the day you are there, so I would know right away. But I filled out the paperwork and explained the situation. Once I was done, I handed it to the guy .... and guess what ... surprisingly I was approved! But now I have to figure out my finances, which is nothing new really. I have to pay $160 a month ($40 a week) for the computer. If I can get it paid off in 3 months, it will only be like $986. If I don't, well, it will more than likely be double by the time the contract is over.

With that out of the way, I tackled the issue of getting my stuff off my old hard drive and onto the new computer. The computer will be here today between 1 and 5. So I went to Radio Shack and Best Buy and asked them how I can get my stuff off of a dead computer. Radio Shack said I needed to buy an external hard drive and transfer the information to that, then to the new computer. The guy was kinda rude and laughed at me when I asked, so I walked over to Best Buy. They guy there told me I needed this Hard Drive eSATA + USB docking station to pull the information off the hard drive. So I had to shell out another $50 for that. I only hope that it works. So I am hoping that I will be on my new computer before 5pm this evening.

I had to spend a bit more money than I had hoped and am still going to be struggling. So I am asking that, if you can help me out in any way, please let me know. Whether it is the DONATE button to the right or postal mail. I would not ask this of any of you if I truly did not need it. I don't want to have to look into becoming a site that you have to pay for, but if it comes down to major struggling, I may just have to. And honestly, the main reason I rushed around trying to get this all taken care of was so that I can continue to run this blog. That means getting the pics off my old computer as well. This site is alot of fun for me, and I know it is for all of you as well. Anyway ... just wanted to update you all on where things stand.

I truly appreciate you all being so patient with me during all of this!

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