Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Night Is Here ...

Today was a pretty busy day. Ran a couple of errands with the roommate and am pretty worn out. Now I am sitting here drinking an Amaretto Stone Sour and trying to find something good to watch on tv. Oooh ... just realized that 'Sanctuary' will be starting in about 20 minutes. Hope you are all having a great Friday night and releasing some of the work week stress ... somehow! :)


Leatherpigboy said...

That first guy is trashy n HOT would love to be serving him!

TornJeans said...

great pictures!
I agree with LPB, He is trashy with hot trashy balls.
Happy Birthday!
One year ago eh?
Glad you like balls and doing this blog.
I can relate, as when I started years ago with my site I never realized how many man into torn jeans.
We all love balls so keep them cumming :)

glen_mc said...

Guy in the Fez WOOF!!