Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy SF Pride Day!

I want to wish all of you a Happy Pride Day! No matter where you are celebrating this year! Looks like it's going to be a hot day for it. Forecast for today is 91 and sunny!

I will not be attending this year, not much in the celebratory mood ... if you didn't already guess that. I went the first year I lived here and it was ok. When I lived in Chicago I went a couple of years and it was never really all that great. I remember one year there were huge gaps in between floats and stuff, it left people wondering if it was over. Since then I do not venture out to it. I also am not a big fan of huge crowds, especially when they are all trying to get on the same train you are! :)

Be safe and drink responsibly! (If you get pics of hot naked guys, be sure to send them my way!)

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