Thursday, June 4, 2009

What Have I Accomplished?

No that is not some deep, "what is the meaning of life?" thought, more in reference to today. Feel like I've wasted so much of my time focusing on other things when I should be working harder at finding a new job. I look every day though and, as I am sure many know, the market is not that great ... especially in Customer Service. I have applied to a couple of jobs, already been rejected from one. If things get bad, I will have to take a job making half of what I was making before. I just hate that thought, will worry about that in a week or so.

I did spend some time with the dog today, going to try to get out and do more with her each day. I need the exercise and she needs the distraction. What is depressing is that, after the rent check clears, I will have about $20 in my bank account. I just finished going through the rest of my comic books and have a stack that I will be taking to sell, possibly tomorrow. But that is the last of them. My collection went from two large boxes to two small ones, pretty much got rid of everything. Really worried about how I am going to make my laptop payment on the 15th. But the bigger concern is what I am going to do for rent next month. I will tell you this ... my nerves are shot!

Hope you are having a good night and, as always, enjoy the post!

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