Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where Things Stand ... An Update

I first want to take a moment to say thank you to those of you that have made a donation towards helping me and my roommate not get evicted. I know that times are hard on a lot of people and I cannot thank you enough for the support you have given. With that being said, I wanted to provide you all an update. Even with the donations sent, I am still a bit short on my goal. Not entirely sure how I am going to come up with that, still trying to figure it out. So if there is still anyone out there that can help out, please click on the Donate button to the left or email me for my address. I would greatly appreciate it!

I've been looking into what else is available to me in terms of assistance. Going through what I have so far has made me realize that I made need more than just financial assistance. What do I mean by that? Well, I may, for the first time in my life, consider seeing a therapist. I have a lot that I have been dealing with for a number of years. I used to think that I could handle it all on my own, work through it. But I think so much has piled up that is has made so many other things more difficult to deal with. But that is just one step at making things better ... like I said, I am looking into others as well.

Just thought that I owed it to all of you to let you know where things stand and how I am feeling at the moment. I also hope that you enjoy this well overdue photo post of guys offering support and help of a different kind. :)

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