Monday, September 7, 2009

One Follower's Nuts ...

Want to send out a HUGE thank you to a UK follower named 'cokrod' for sending me these pics of his beautiful uncut cock & balls! They make you want to drop to your knees don't they? Was very happy to open my inbox this morning and find these!

Speaking of which, if you have any of your cock and balls, please feel free to send them to

Oh yea ... Happy Labor Day!


Michael Rivers said...

Damn. Gorgeous balls and cock. Makes my mouth water! Would love to suck on him.

Way of life said...

I love this blog, you are doing a great job please keep up the great work. Lovin the cocks and balls. It is great to see cocks of all sizes where as others just so big cocks, I like small cocks but I like low hangers. Thank you again. Your blog is fantastic.