Friday, August 28, 2009

Can't Stand The Heat ...

The temperature is up there today. It's not only hot but muggy as well, the worst kind of combination to have. Took the dog out and was worn out and sweaty halfway through it. Came in and popped the air conditioner in the window. But I know that this heat is nothing compared to the heat I used to live with in Chicago, not sure how I survived, aside of having an air conditioner in every room practically. I am not sure how I would react to it now, being away from there for 3 years. It's so hot that my balls sweat ... maybe I should consider wearing underwear again ... NOT!


Nut Nuzzler said...

I understand what you mean by the heat (I grew up in downstate Illinois and now live in SF), but at least it has one big benefit for you; it makes the sack hang lower. ;)

apop said...

3rd Pic..from Top
It's quiet...relaxed, and awesome to look at. I'll get these once-in-a-while when taking pre-Sports camp physicals. An 8-week Summer training camp can "fill-the-bill" for 'clients' when you're also the resident masseur/reflexologist..relaxation is an important key.