Thursday, August 27, 2009

Scout's Honor ...

So I ended up going into SF and over to the park for my usual cruising. It was a bit of a success, well, more than the last couple of times I went. When I was done with the first guy I met, I pulled my pants up as he pulled up his and asked if he needed a napkin or a moist hand wipe thing, he said he was ok. I took it out of my bag to wipe the dirt off my knees and he said "You must have been a Boy Scout" to which I replied, with a smile, "Yes I was". This is the second guy that has said that to me just because I came prepared. And when this guy said it, I was not even sure I should respond, kinda like a rhetorical statement of sorts, but I did anyway. I took it as a compliment. I thought that anyone who plays around in the park would think to prepare themselves for any situation. Guess I was wrong. Nonetheless, I still had a halfway decent time this afternoon. Now I just have a horrible headache! Dam poppers!

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