Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Submissions Request From Yours Truly ...

I want to thank those of you that have sent in pics of your cock and balls. I love seeing what you all have to offer. :) But I do want to make a request or two. Some people have sent me their pics and, well, really do not have much of a nutsack or the photos seem to only showcase their dicks. As much I love a big dick, my site is specifically aimed at low hanging balls or sacks with larger than average nuts.

Those of you that have sent pics in may wonder why you never see them posted here, well, the paragraph above may provide you with the reason. So, in the future, if you do want to send me your pics, please be sure that you have a nice pair of low hangers or something worth showing off. I will not post any pics of guys with small sacks or not much going on down there, that will never change. If I started posting pics of all type of balls, well, that would make my blog just like some of the others out there and I do not want to be like them. Unless, of course, it is Ruffy because I love his site and the sacks he offers! :)

Anyway, I just needed to lay this out there. I mean no disrespect to those that do not have low hanging nuts, none at all. I created this blog with certain things in mind and I try to stick to that whenever I post. I would love to receive more reader submissions and even start to have specific posts dedicated to them, sadly, I do not get enough to do that. So if you have any pics of yourself, please feel free to email them to If you want your name or other info listed with the pics, let me know and I will put it up. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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