Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My New Obsession ... Large Post

Name: Tristan Bull
24 years old
Sexual Orientation: Straight
8 inches cut

The porn he's done is for Next Door Male primarily & usually just him beating off. But I read that he's in heavy negotiating stages to start doing more in gay porns he films. I'll definitely keep an open for anything new from that. He's also one of Montreal's most popular gay club stripper, even though he's straight. So sit back, pull your cock's & introduce them to Tristan Bull!

I think he is perfection on a stick! His dark hair and eyes. He can just take you in his arms and make you feel safe. And those lips ... man! God was generous when he created this one! What do ya'll think? Comments welcome! Oh, if you have any hi-res images of him, please feel free to email them to I think that he may use different names for other studios but it is too late/early, it is 4am here, for me to hunt all that day. So send away!


Anonymous said...

He's as straight as "The Yellow Brick Road"

joehairy said...

ho hum. mediocre face and way too scrawny

Anonymous said...

yeah he's great-I also heard from Montreal-I am not sure that he worked in a strip club-but really great whatever and wherever